Looking After healthy Babies...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What we give to eat to a baby or an infant can determine his mental and physical health, and this make me realize how important is to know some simple but nutricious recipes with we can feed our baby. First of all we need to realize the importance to keep a clean enviroment specially our hands, the ingredients have to be fresh, and consider the proteins, carbos, minerals, fats etc. We can start to feed with solids to our baby approx. when he turns 5 months, in this first food we need to give him vegetables one at a time, so he can feel the taste of each vegetable after a week we can give him fruits in a puree one at a time and then combinations.

Green Beans Puree:
Bring to boil to cups of water, when is boiling, place the
green beans in it, approx. a handful.(this is import
because if you put them in the water since the beginning
they can lose his nourishment properties) boil them for 5
minutes. Blend them with a little of the boiled water, drain them,
make them cool and is ready to eat. If you have left over you can keep it in your freezer, in the ice molde, you'll have approx. one serve per cube.

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